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It is very essential to destroy smart cards which are not in use. Smart Card Shredder Machine from Best Shredder Machine also called as Card Shredder or Memory Card Shredder is used to shred unused or expired smart cards. Best Shredder Machine sells smart card shredder machine which are used to shred unused or expired Credit card, Debit card, ATM card. This shredder machine is vibration free and no plastic part is used in manufacturing.

Following are Specifications of Smart Card Shredder Machine:

Model: RC300 Power Required: 5HP
Grinding Capacity/hr: 80-100kgs
No. of Blades: 5
Throat Size :  300 x 300
Length of Blades: 300mm
Weight :   400 kgs

Product Features: This smart card shredder machine is available in various feed width, that is depending on customer's requirement and is used to shred all typers of smart cards. It is very easy to clean and lubricate. It is user friendly. Security level is very high and power consumptions is very low.Click here to inquire.

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