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Best Shredder Machine sells best medical waste shredder machine. This medical waste shredder machine is used to shred medical waste disposal. This machine shreds medical waste such as saline bottles,saline tubes, blister packs, catheters, syringes, glucose bottles, blood bags,ampoules, used needles. It also shreds other medical waste disposals thus preventing spreading of any infection and fatal diseases. Manufactured using best quality raw material this medical waste shredder machine is tested by efficient team of quality control department.

Following are Specifications of Medical Waste Disposal Shredder Machine.

Model: RC500 Power Required: 10HP
Grinding Capacity/hr: 150-170kgs
No. of Blades: 5
Throat Size :  500 x 400
Length of Blades: 500mm
Weight :   1100 kgs

Product Features: It is very easy to clean and lubricate. This medical waste shredder machine is also durable, sturdy and robust to use. It is easy to install and importantly the operations and maintenance are not cumbersome. Economicall priced this shredder machine is also suitable for small as well as large volume of medical waste disposal.

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