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Best Shredder Machine sells Laminate Shredder Machine /Plastic Film Shredder/ Polyester Film Shredder/ BOPP Film Shredder or Pouch Shredder. Laminate Shredder or Plastic Film Shredder is used in printing and packaging industry for shredding large volume of misprinted laminateds and empty wrappers, as these are not sold to scrap vendors inorder to prevent misuse and duplication. This laminate shredder machine is very easy to clean and lubricate.

Specifications of Plastic Film Shredder/Laminate Shredder
Feed width :  400mm (16") to 1000mm (40")
Shred Size: Variable from 30 mm & above in strip cut
Unwinder: (optional simplex / duplex or more Weight :   250 kgs approximately
Motor On/Off:d.o.l starter or auto reverse panel (optional)
Electrical Load: 2Hp onwards depending on feed width
Capacity: 80–100kgs / per hour & above(depends on feed width)
Duty Cycle :  Continuous
Warranty: 1 year for machine

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