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Best Shredder Machine sells shredders such as industrial shredder machine. Industrial Shredder Machine has many applications, to shred Cardboard is one and hence it is known as Cardboard Shredder or also as Cardboard Box Shredder. This Industrial Shredder Machine also known as Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder Machine is easy to clean and lubricate. It is also vibration free and plastic parts are not used in manufacturing.

Following are Specifications of Industrial Shredder Machine.

Model: SC 4003
Feed width :  400 mm (16")
Shred Size: 110 mm(Standard)/5 mm(On Request)
Shredding Capacity (70gsm-A4sheets):30 sheets
Shredding Capacity Per/Hr: 60-80 kg/Hr
Voltage: 415 V 3phase
Power: 22.5 KW/3 HP
Speed: 22meters/min
Overload Protection: Yes
Dimension: L 750 x W 700 x H 1075 mm
Motor On/Off: Online Starter
Weight :   250 kg
Duty Cycle :  Continuous
Warranty: 1 year for machine and 5 years for cutters

Product Features: This industrial shredder machine is used to shred thick paper, outer cartons, packed expired medicines, glassins, news paper, cheque leaflets, mono cartons, corrugated boxes (7Ply), scratch Card, aluminium Foil,etc. This machine can shred papers with staples pins & paper clips without causing damage to the cutters. The starter is provided with phase which helps to protect during overload protection. An unwind shaft with degree cone is provided if customer intends to shred material in a roll form. We look forward to your inquiry.

heavy duty paper shredder machine